Never Seen a Contactless EMV Card? You Are Not Alone

If you live in Chicago, you might be familiar with the Chicago Transit Authority’s Ventra card, supporting 1.6 million daily rides a around the Windy City and the greater Chicago metropolitan area. The Ventra card was one of the first payment cards in the US to implement a contactless EMV card, and you can see lots of… more

Is EMV the magic bullet for payment fraud?

When you hear about another credit card breach (this time it was Arby’s), you might become a little frustrated. For two years we’ve heard so much about the benefits of EMV in reducing fraud, so why are these breaches are still happening? The Payments Review summarized it well in a recent article discussing the Arby’s breach. What Arby’s… more

Stop Accepting Fake IDs: Discover Automated ID Verification

More than 17 million people experienced identity fraud in 2014, according to the Department of Justice. And in 25 percent of the cases, the victims’ stolen information was used to defraud financial institutions. You could be doing more to protect yourself and your customers, and it starts with better ID verification and detection of fake IDs. Furthermore,… more

Instant Issue Debit Cards: Buyer’s Guide

According to a report from Aite published in June 2017 on the state of instant issuance in the US, there’s good news for credit unions and community banks: The cost of instant issue debit card solutions has gone down in the last decade and printer quality has gotten better. As more issuers recognize the value of instant issuance, the service has… more

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