Mitigate CNP Fraud with Dynamic Code Verification Cards

Shoreline DCV cards generate a new security code every 20 minutes

Keep Cardholders Safe When They Shop Online

Dynamic Code Verification cards help mitigate card-not-present fraud by replacing the static security code on the card with a dynamic code. This dynamic code is generated by a secure cryptogram and displayed on an ePaper display on the card. A new code is generated automatically every 20 minutes.

While EMV has done a lot to reduce fraud from counterfeit cards, merchant networks and company servers are still vulnerable to data breaches. Fraudsters know that stolen card data won’t work on chip card readers, hence they shifted their focus to online purchases.

That’s where DCV cards come in. Many websites today require customers to enter their card security code – those three digits on the back of the card. If a hacker gets hold of those numbers, they could make lots of eCommerce purchases, known as “Card Not Present” fraud. But with DCV cards, a new security code is generated on the card three times an hour. That makes stolen card credentials virtually worthless after 20 minutes, once the new code is generated.

The DCV Card

The Dynamic Code Verification card is a classic EMV payment card, which displays a dynamic code that automatically changes every 20 minutes without the cardholder’s intervention. Instead of the static security code, the dynamic code is displayed on a small ePaper screen on the back of the card.

Get the full picture about DCV cards. Read the Shoreline DCV white paper >>

DCV is the only effective issuer centric solution, which requires no merchant integration, and it is seamlessly compatible with all issuer and merchant existing infrastructure.

DCV is simple and secure:

  • Unchanged user experience
  • No cardholder enrollment
  • No cardholder education
  • No branch/call center training required
  • Can run in parallel to cards with static security codes – you can issue DCV cards to only some of your card base!

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