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Healthcare ID Cards

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Member Cards

Over the past five years we’ve partnered with our sister company Source One Direct to produce over 50 million insurance cards. Our willingness to adapt and expand has allowed us to assist our customers, while helping them remain competitive in an ever-changing marketplace.

Web Tools

When a major health insurance company needed help combating an increasing fraud problem, they turned to us. We designed and implemented a Custom Web-based Personalization Studio that allows creation of individualized member photo cards. The software enables participants to securely upload their photo so that we can create their card. Based on overwhelming success, this software is now being targeted for participants in all divisions.Using this software, participants were able to securely upload their personal photo, enabling us to create a unique member card. The implementation and usage of the personalized photo was an overwhelming success, and is now being targeted for participants in all divisions.

Virtual Cards

Shoreline recently developed a fully functional virtual card, complete with its own Virtual Fulfillment front-end program. It is available for demo today!

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