Automated Identity Verification


Reduce Fraud with Frictionless ID Document Forensics

Stolen identity information is often used to defraud financial institutions and their customers using fake and synthetic IDs. Yet, amazingly, most FI’s are still relying on visual ID document verification.

Actually, it is humanly impossible to master all the details of the hundreds of different driver’s licenses and ID documents in the U.S. Over 1,000 ID documents are issued by the states and federal government. Consequently, you are unnecessarily exposing yourself to risk by visually inspecting IDs.

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Shoreline’s ID Verification solution eliminates human error from the equation. The Automated ID Verification solution performs real-time ID document forensics in the branch.

So, the next time a customer opens an account, cashes a check from a different bank or applies for a loan, use automated ID Verification to reduce your risk and improve the customer experience.

The benefits of automated ID Verification

    • Identify fraudulent IDs accurately based on 50+ automated forensic tests
    • Receive results within seconds
    • Verifiably test all US state and federal IDs, as well as thousands of foreign IDs
    • Complete forms faster using data extracted from the ID document

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Get the service with no infrastructure overhead

ID Verification was designed as a simple-to-use service, utilizing desktop scanners you already have and software Shoreline operates from the cloud. Therefore, you can get up and running very quickly, with a very light IT footprint.

Reinforced AML and KYC regulatory compliance and risk management considerations both dictate you thoroughly verify the identity of customers before enrolling them as new clients or subscribing them to a new service. Our solution provides unrivaled accuracy in identifying fraudulent IDs, performing more than 50 forensic document checks for document integrity, security features and data consistency – all within seconds. Automated ID Verification uses OCR technology and MRZ reading to capture data from the ID, and a state-of-the-art engine to verify its validity.

A reference document library of over 5,000 documents is routinely enhanced, adding new IDs and improving upon existing ones, to further ensure the highest level of assurance and coverage.

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Gemalto is the proud trusted partner of the United States government for ePassports, the Department of Defense for ID cards, as well as motor vehicle administrations in more than 10 U.S. and Canadian jurisdictions. Our expertise and reach makes us the most qualified partner for your ID Verification needs.

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