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A ten-fold increase in production capacity brings new offers to community banks and credit unions

Shoreline’s site in North Kingstown, Rhode Island is going through a major expansion. Construction crews are busy building out an additional 22,000 square feet to the secure personalization center (high security area), more than doubling its size.

Construction of the Shoreline Facility Expansion

North Kingstown Secure Personalization Center adds 22,000 square feet and x10 the capacity

“We are adding 10 million dollars’ worth of equipment to create a ten-fold increase in capacity,” says Mark Sutton, SVP of Personalization Global Operations in Gemalto’s Banking and Payment business unit. “As a result, we’ll be able to add exclusive and innovative new offers that were previously difficult to bring to credit unions and community banks.”

Gemalto has two main personalization centers:

  • Atlanta, Georgia which processes very large volumes for national banks.
  • North Kingstown, Rhode Island which specializes in small batch work for the community banks and credit unions addressed by Shoreline. Gemalto acquired Shoreline in 2014.

With the new expansion, North Kingstown will serve as a backup for Atlanta, creating redundancy and affording a fantastic opportunity to introduce a new range of offers that were previously not viable for production on a smaller scale.

A World-Class Expert is the New Site Director

To ensure the success of the site expansion, Gemalto brought in one of its top personalization experts. Sophie Allory, the new site director, knows a thing or two about world-class manufacturing.

Sophie Allory Outside Shoreline

Shoreline new site director, Sophie Allory

Sophie joined Gemalto in 1997 as a quality and security manager at our personalization center in France. Soon, she’d moved up to manage card production, and in 2011, Sophie joined Gemalto’s Perso Efficiency team to work on a new concept called the Fortress, a standardized turnkey personalization center. Built in large containers, the Fortress enables Gemalto to easily set up a ready-to-use personalization facility in a new country or city. Sophie oversaw the successful first implementation of The Fortress in the Netherlands in 2013. Then, she got the call that brought her to the US.

“When Gemalto acquired Shoreline and SourceOne Direct in 2014, I was asked to move to Atlanta to work on their integration to the ‘mothership’,” says Sophie. “Now that we’ve completed that transition – with one of the largest US banks outsourcing their entire card production to our center – Rhode Island is next on my list.”

Exciting New Offers are on the Horizon

Print on Demand (POD) Is Here

Thanks to the new equipment in North Kingstown, Shoreline customers will have access to some exciting new offers. Of particular interest is Print on Demand (POD) for cards, activation labels, card carriers and marketing collateral.

With POD Cards, customers can choose an image to print on the card from their personal photos or the issuer’s curated image gallery. The industrial POD machines retrieve the image from the job data in real-time and print it with extremely high quality in a single all-in-one process.

Beyond the card, POD Activation Labels provide another opportunity to engage the cardholder with a personalized message. POD machines can print personalized messages in full edge-to-edge color. Why not include the customer’s name, a specific message, an invitation to visit the branch, an offer or a QR Code?

Print-On-Demand (POD) card activation labels

Examples of Print-On-Demand (POD) card activation labels

And finally, with Print on Demand Paper, Shoreline can personalize, print and collate the complete set of documents that accompany the card – the carrier, the agreement, coupons and vouchers, and information about other products and services.

The state-of-the-art inkjet printer personalizes the graphics and the text on all these documents, handling both standard and non-standard sheet sizes (e.g., balance transfer checks).

A new Ga Verhen packaging machine matches card to carrier and associated documentation and packages them together. This state-of-the-art machine can handle large sheet sizes and unique folding combinations.

DOD Cards with Inkjet Printing

DOD refers to Drop On Demand, an inkjet printing technology that increases card durability and allows for more creative designs. Flat printing is all the rage with the major brands, who are increasingly adopting this trendy graphical personalization.

Visa and MasterCard recently updated their specs – card information can be printed on the back – and removed the requirement for embossing. Many large banks have seized the opportunity to create contemporary layouts and highly-branded designs.

The front of the card is dedicated to powerful imagery, logos and the cardholder’s name, while the rest of the card information is printed on the back.

This American Airlines AAdvantage card is a good example of inkjet printing:

Example of a DOD card with flat printing

Example of a DOD card with flat printing

DOD technology achieves a high resolution for small fonts and eliminates the need for an overlay. It can also create tactile features and even print a color photo of the cardholder on the card.

Metal Cards for a High-End Appeal

Our smartphones may be getting thinner; our laptops, smaller and our luggage, lighter. But consumers still appreciate some heft in their cards. With metal cards, you can offer your high-end cardholders a premium feel. Metal cards weigh more than standard PVC cores, creating a sense of prestige.

Shoreline now offers several options for metal cards, ranging from a metal edge to a truly heavy metal encapsulated card.

Metal edge cards require laser personalization using dedicated machinery. The North Kingstown facility is equipped to provide Shoreline customers laser personalization for metal and other card products.

The metal encapsulated heavy card is compatible with contactless (dual-interface) EMV and has no limitations on card bodies, effects or functionality. Drop on Demand (DOD) can be used to personalize the metal encapsulated heavy cards.

Leveling the Playing Field for Community FIs

The upgrade of the North Kingstown site has gotten the Shoreline team very excited. John Roberts, Sales Manager for Shoreline, summarizes it best. “This new technology gives the smaller financial institutions everything they need to be competitive, even without the in-house marketing expertise the big banks have.”

Construction will complete in October and all the new equipment will be up and running early 2018. The new products and services will be offered shortly thereafter. At that time, Shoreline will be hosting an open house for issuers to visit the facility and learn about the new offers.

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